Sonntag, 5. Februar 2012

True Romance

I already posted this on my old blog but I just stumbled across it and thought, it should be on here as well because it's just so damn cute. ^^

Apart from the last line. Don't eat snails. They are cool.

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Jenny hat gesagt…

Well... maybe the guy who wrote should get his facts straight...even if this dart doesn't hit home, it's actually unlikely that this automatically means death for the snail... (Have a look at this pic, the snail's fine, even though two darts stick in it
It sounds as if they'd play with death and like to wound the other snail on purpose every time they have sex to increase stimulation, but this isn't the case... sorry to destroy romantic notions of snails "wounding" their partner every time they have sex - they don't use these darts every time and they don't use them in order to get more excited but to increase chances that the other snail will not digest their semen (it's a little too complicated to go into detail here)...I know, I know... I'm a spoilsport ^^

Loki hat gesagt…

Let me be the second spoilsport^^ First of all, this doesn't apply to all types of snails.

Secondary, the lovedart is (according to current biological research... finally my courses in zoology pay out) used during praecopula, it is driven in the lateral part of the partner in order to eliminate the sperm of a former matingpartner. Because even though snails in general are hermaprhodites, only ONE of the two organisms acts as male.
Another theory is that the lovedart contains hormones that force the hit partner to act as female, because the female part is less desirable.

And above all... gastropods are horrible, scary creatures! ;)

Jenny hat gesagt…

"Way to goooo" for spoilsports ;-) Or should I say, objective biologists?

Faye hat gesagt…

Uhm, guys? You do know that this isn't really about snails?

Loki hat gesagt…

I beg to differ... I cannot recall any other phylum that has a lovedart, just the Pulmonata are known to have one (believe me... I know my enemy).
And since when do gastropods get excited about sex? As far as research goes, sexual pleasure is only seen in much higher developed organisms like in mammals (Primates & Cetacea) or few birds.

So to sum it all up: this text about a gastropod's sexlife is just bollocks^^

@Jenny: All hail the objctive biologists ;)

Faye hat gesagt…
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Loki hat gesagt…

Well, ignoring the biological flaws of the text... I think it's just overly emotional, childish and silly.

It was nothing to do with romance in my eyes, it's a conglumerate of love-associated emotions, mainly negative... "The sex life of the snail tells us: the intensity of love can only be measured by the depth of its damage. Existence is most keenly felt when it’s most endangered."... This is purely "emo", pseudoromantic and immarure, I would expect a 14years old goth-kid to write something like this. It's just strong feelings and metaphores thrown together. Taking the piss out if it is the only way to bear it, in fact it's a great way to test my fellow student's knowledge on gastropod procreation, but that's it.

Bias? Sorry, but since the biologists just gave away observations and theories, which were made and developed without emotional intent, which basically is the basis of scientific research, I don't see any bias.

So: Now you had my scientific and my personal comment.

PS. Will you ever talk to me again?

Jenny hat gesagt…
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Jenny hat gesagt…

Oh, btw, who would have thought that a text on snail procreation would spark such an amount of discussion ;-)

Loki hat gesagt…

@ Jenny: I guess it happens if biologists feel the urge to show off their knowledge ;)

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