Montag, 2. Januar 2012

So, 2011 is over and I have to say, it was a pretty good and exciting year for me. I went vegan,I got an assistant job at the linguistics department, finished my bachelor's degree and I am in an actual real poly-relationship for the first time in my life, which btw. rocks and I will never do mono again. Ever. Also, I found a bunch of new friends who I really like and I finally have a flatmate who doesn't constantly annoy me.
2012 is starting in Berlin for me. I'm seriously excited, it's my first real vacation since I came back from Scotland two years ago. Be prepared for loads of photos when I'm back. ^^ My new tele-lens rocks and I also took the Lensbaby with me. When I come back, I'll start applying for mater programmes. I'd really like to do my master's in a foreign country, far away from Marburg. Not that Marburg wouldn't be pretty but you can only live here for so long. I'm also planning to take trip to some Eastern European countries and maybe China. And maybe somewere else. I want to travel as much as possible before i have to start my master program but I'll also have to work a lot in order to save money for the next two years. Besides, I took a bet with my lover who will be the first to have a sixpack and who will edit the most articles on Wikipedia. And, of course, I'll continue my vegan lifestyle and plan to learn more recipies and find the perfect milk-substitute. ^^
So much for my plans in 2012. What are your's?

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Loki hat gesagt…

Well that's very interesting news :) Congrats on having finished the B.A. in time :D You plans sound exciting concerning the travel plans, but stay away from China, too many Germans currently ;)

On the Six-pack-bet: Your guy will win, becaus men build up muscle tissue much faster and since you were so skinny, you have no material to build muscles from :(

Thumbs up for the vegan lifestyle, I am impressed by your discipline:)

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