Samstag, 10. Dezember 2011

If you are using a Lensbaby, you wont get pictures that are perfectly sharp. That's not the point. And that's what makes the Lensbaby so special. It makes it easy to distort reality. The Lensbaby is great to represent certain atmospheres and it does so with a certain (not complete) disregard for photographic conventions. Most people would probably criticize a Lensbaby-picture for it's blur unless the word "Lensbaby" is written somewhere nearby.
Observing one or two online art-communities, I think, I can see a certain trend towards the perfect photo. Which is nice if you want to show of your skill and fancy equipment. But, honestly, I have to say it gets boring. Sure, some photos have to be perfect for whatever reason and that's nice and I really admire people who can do that. I know I can't.
Anyway, the way photos are evaluated on the internet is mostly based on technical stuff. While I agree that that is somewhat important, people might occasionally choose to to ignore the rules in order to convey a certain message or other artsy-fartsy stuff. That can actually be really creative but it hardly gets recognized. (I'm not getting into the discussion whether photography is art or not because, to be honest I don't really care. It's fun and sometimes I like the outcome. End of story.) Of course, this includes some of my own pictures. ^^
About two years ago, I realized that I want to have some kind of "personal style" when it comes to concert photos. Then I didn't really know how to get there for a while because I was still cought up in the boring perfect light/perfect quality/perfect whatever-thinking. What finally gave me some sort of inspiration were the pictures of a really good photographer which were characterized by a pretty strong image noise. He could have done without that but he obviously didn't want to and it worked. The photos were really intense.
And then it hit me: It's rock'n'roll. It does not have to be perfect. It is not supposed to be perfect.So, while I still pay attention to composition, I turn the ASA up to at least 800, even if it's not necessary and try to get a rather dark picture. My pictures wouldn't be perfect, even if I wanted them to be, but that way, I can represent what a rock concert actually is: Dark, dirty, sweaty, wild, intense and ecstatic.
The problem is: Nobody understands that. ^^ Not that it should bother me, but, yeah... vanity. ^^ Anyhow, whether it's my pictures or somebody else's, I think in general people should more open to photography that does not live up to the standards of a commercial shot. Everyone could be more creative and wouldn't be socially compelled to stick to all those rules.

And while I'm at it: Here are two example of what I'm talking about.

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