Montag, 3. Oktober 2011

Vegan Lip Balm

Finding a vegan lip balm is pretty difficult. For some reason every lip balm that is available in normal shops contains beeswax. Okay, get the reason for using wax. I used to make my own lip balm a while ago and if I didn't put in wax, it usually turned out too soft and oily. But there are other kinds of wax besides beeswax.
Anyhow, after looking for a while, I finally gave in and ordered a lip balm online with some other things I needed. At the moment I'm using this stuff and now I really don't understand the beeswax thing anymore, because, honestly, this is the best lip balm I ever had. My lips have never been so soft. (Also, it smells like chewing gum, which is kind of cool ^^)

Does a post about non-decorative comsetics make this a beauty blog? o_O

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Loki hat gesagt…

Yes it is, shame on you! How dare you!!!
No actually this is quite interesting information, thanks :)

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