Montag, 17. Oktober 2011

Mind Your Own Business

One of these things that you get to hear particularly often as soon as you mention that you're vegan or vegetarian, is that eating it is a personal decision. Since some people assume that a vegan wants to make them feel quilty, this is a nice way to wiggle out.
It's not true though. What you eat might be a decision you personally make, but it concerns more persons than yourself. Every cheap steak you buy concerns you (in terms of health), the animal (in terms of... well... death. Also in terms of having lived a horrible life before), the people in the third world (in terms of hunger) and the climate and thus everybody who lives on this planet.
This might be worth a few seconds of thinking, even if you don't agree that the personal is political. Who you hurt with your eating habits isn't even personal.

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