Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2011


So far, none of my friends came up with the typical stupid reactions you might expect when you tell somebody that you're vegan. A couple of times I was told that it was unhealthy, but that is understandable, I guess. Everybody keeps telling you how important milk is etc. Usually, I'd just explain that veganism is actually pretty healthy and that I'm taking care of the B12-thing and that was apparently enough reassurance that I'm not going to drop dead tomorrow. ^^
The coolest reaction so far has come from a very good friend. All she said was: "Congratulations! Off course you'll get soy milk."

Dear non-vegans, please take this as an example. ^^

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Loki hat gesagt…

:P As a omnivore I try to keep a low profile. Sorry, but I like ... okay CRAVE fish!

Have fun on soy milk, I hate that stuff, it's far too sweet *shiver* BTW do you know any good vegan or vegetarian restaurants? I heard of one in Munich, but that is very far from here.

Faye hat gesagt…

Sure, there's a nice one here in Marburg and there's also a new Döner/Falafel-Place where you can get some vegan meals. Apart from that, there seem to be several vegan restaurants in Cologne and also in bigger Cities like Hamburg and Berlin. Maybe you'll find something here: http://veganguide.org/ I also know about one in Amsterdam that is really great but I suppose that's to far away either. ^^

Soy milk isn't usually sweet. Oat milk is and rice milk is just disgusting in that sense if you ask me. It depends on what you buy. A lot of companies put sugar or other stuff in their milk. Alpro Soya for example also uses some weird vanilla-y flavor. Ugh.
The cheap rice-soy-mix from Aldi is actually pretty good.

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