Samstag, 24. September 2011

When friends move

It's not that I don't have to much stuff already. At least considering that I live in a shared flat that isn't very big. By now I have no idea were to put everything. Yet, if you can get things for free... Well, how do you resist?
The very same friend who made the lovely pillowcases that I've shown in the last post moved back to her family today because she is almost done with her studies. A few days ago, we helped her pack her things and (just like me when I move) she decided to deal with the load of stuff she had by throwing it out or giving it away so she didn't have to pack it. I am now the happy owner of a new bag, a pile of old magazines, a pile of books that I always wanted to read and *drumroll* a sewing machine! The last one wasn't for free, I'm going to pay her for it as soon as I've figured out how well it still works. But I've been complaining about not having a sewing machine for at least two years and I'm really happy I have one now. I also have about a hundred sewing-ideas that will be tried as soon as I have fabric, thread and... yeah... time.
Here are my new books:

As if that wouldn't have been enough, I went to a flea market today. Apart from a bunch of clothes (which I'm not going to show since this isn't a fashion blog and they aren't very exciting anyway.) I found a copy of the first pressing of Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy. Being a big fan and loving vinyl, I had to get it. Now I'm sitting here, very happy about the new treasure, and wish I would finally find a place that could sell me a new needle for my record player so I could actually listen to it. Anyhow, here are some pictures of it.

Led Zeppelin are one of my favourite bands and I'm planning to get all their albums on vinyl. I like vinyl more than CDs anyway, but I think music that was written for vinyl should be played on vinyl.

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